Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation

Dr. Jack Newman, Chairman

Dr. Jack Newman Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC is a Toronto pediatrician who has practised medicine since 1970. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto medical school. In 1984 he established the first hospital-based breastfeeding clinic in Canada at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. He has practiced as a physician in Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. He now holds breastfeeding clinics in several hospitals in the Toronto area. He is a consultant with UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and is a popular speaker at breastfeeding conferences across North America and beyond.

He is the father of three children, all breastfed.

Lenore Goldfarb Ph.D., CCC, IBCLC,
President and Executive Director

Lenore Goldfarb Lenore Goldfarb Ph.D., CCC, IBCLC is a lactation educator and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and researcher. She is co-author of the Newman-Goldfarb protocols for Induced Lactation: The Guide for Maximizing Milk Supply with Dr. Jack Newman. In addition to her ongoing research with Dr. Newman to help adoptive breastfeeding mothers, Lenore is founder of The Goldfarb Breastfeeding Clinic and Program of the Herzl Family Practice Centre, Sir Mortimer B. Davis-Jewish General Hospital, in Montréal, Canada, where she is also a lactation consultant, lactation educator, and researcher.

Lenore is the mother of two sons born with the help of a gestational surrogate carrier. She induced lactation and breastfed them both.

Edith Kernerman, IBCLC, Vice President (Toronto)

Edith Kernerman Edith Kernerman is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Lactation Educator in Toronto, Canada. She is the director of the Newman/Berall Breastfeeding Clinic at North York General Hospital and is currently involved in research on in-patient access to current and practical breastfeeding information and support, newborn weight loss and current practice of using birth weights as baseline weights. Ms Kernerman has been involved in breastfeeding-training programs for midwifery students, physicians, and nursing staff of various hospitals and colleges in Ontario, and has now developed a lactation education program based on the World Health Organization 18-Hour Course.

Ms. Kernerman breastfed both her daughters.

Carole Dobrich, RN, IBCLC, Vice President (Montreal)

Carole Dobrich Carole Dobrich, RN, IBCLC, is a Montreal-based registered nurse and international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) who frequently lectures on the topics of birth and breastfeeding. She is coordinator of The Goldfarb Breastfeeding Clinic and Program at the Sir Mortimer B. Davis - Jewish General Hospital and of a weekly mother and baby support group held at the hospital. Ms. Dobrich also has a private practice, doing both home visits and telephone consultations. She obtained her general nursing certificate in 1983 from the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Australia, later pursuing further nursing studies at Montreal’s Vanier College. Ms. Dobrich became an international board certified lactation consultant in 1996 and recertified in 2001.

Carole is the mother of four boys, all breastfed.

Randolph Stephenson, Ph.D., Vice President
Research and Development

Dr. Randolph Stephenson Dr. Randolph Stephenson earned his Ph.D. in psychology specializing in research, addiction and intervention profiles. He serves as an adjunct professor at UQAM and is a clinical psychologist and primary health care researcher at the Herzl Family Practice Center of the Sir Mortimer B. Davis - Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Canada. Additionally, he is the co-director of the applied behavioral science laboratory at the UQAM and the director of research at the Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation. Dr Stephenson is the author of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles.

Dr. Randolph Stephenson is the father of two girls, both breastfed.