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When Latching

Cross Cradle Position for Left Breast:

WATCH LOWER LIP, aim it as far from base of nipple as possible, so tongue draws lots of breast into mouth. Move baby’s body and head together – keep baby uncurled. If you keep your wrist straight, with baby’s cheek resting on your fingers, then baby’s chin will not bend down toward his chest

Once latched, baby’s top lip will be close to nipple, areola shows above lip. Keep baby’s chin close against your breast.

Push base of hand firmly against baby’s shoulders keeping baby uncurled chin coming in first

Need mouth wide before baby moved onto breast. Teach baby to open wide/gape:

Mother’s view while latching baby - baby’s head titled slightly back, bring baby in quickly, gently push with baswe of hand on shoulders, only chin and cheeks touch breast, baby’s body close against mother

Mother’s view of nursing baby - head tilted slightly back, chin well in against the breast, hold in firmly against shoulders keeping baby uncurled

Mother’s Posture

Baby’s Position Before Feed Begins

Baby’s Body

Move Baby Quickly On To Breast


Mother needs to AVOID

Also see videos of latching and latching in other positions

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