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Important Information Concerning Pharmacy Care

Note: Domperidone was available from New Zealand without a prescription but as of Nov. 3, 2001 the pharmacies there are no longer able to do so because of a new law that was passed stating that a doctor must have at least one face-to-face visit with a patient before writing a prescription. This law put essentially out of business and it was sold to new owners.

However, a new site has been set up by the previous owners of PharmacyCare, named Planet Pharm. They are able to supply domperidone without a prescription only to the US via email, fax or telephone. Here are the instructions.

Planet Pharm instructions: Subject: Motilium orders

Dear Customers,

There is some confusion about us and, who are separate companies.

Pharmacycare site has been sold last year (new owners, new management, new customer services and they are based off shore now) and is quite separate from us (I also received the “we’re back online” notice and they really should have stated that Pharmacycare is under new owners with new management etc). We do not have anything to do with Pharmacycare anymore.

We have been known as Pharmacycare for so long now, that old customers are getting confused with us and “Pharmacycare”. We have changed our name to Planet Pharmaceuticals and have been slowly phasing out our old name for the past few months. Please be assured that we are quite separate entities.

The situation will be a little confusing for customers for a while our new name of Planet pharmaceuticals becomes more widely known.

Although the Pharmaceutical website that listed Motilium has been closed, we still accept Motiliun orders via telephone, fax or email. We accept VISA or MasterCard (sorry our new payment system will not accept AMEX cards). You will be charged in US dollar currency.

To protect our customers from credit card fraud we require the following information, we need:

NOTE: incomplete details will delay processing of the order.

I have included our details below:

RE: Restructuring of Planet Pharmaceuticals and Motilium (as of Aug 1, 2003)

Our company Planet Pharmaceuticals has restructured (again!). The business has been relocated totally to Vanuatu (small isle in the South Pacific) and we have had some changes to (1) our company details and (2) Motilium pricing. We are now owned by South Seas Pharmaceuticals and now can offer online ordering from this website:

We anticipate being able to charge in US dollars by AUG 1st 2003.

Our new details:

Fax:+678 28133
(US customers to place 011 to replace the + sign)
TEL:+678 28134
(US customers to place 011 to replace the +sign)
Free phone
if calling from the US:
1 (877) 271 6591

Charges under the company name of South Seas Pharmaceuticals

PRICES: MOTILIUM (Domperidone)
Motilium10mg100 tabsUSD20
Motilium10mg300 tabsUSD40
Motilium10mg600 tabsUSD70
Motilium10mg900 tabsUSD95
Motilium10mg1200 tabsUSD120
Motilium10mg1800 tabsUSD170

With thanks!
Ask for Mirium

The Team at Planet Pharm

NOTE: Buyer Beware ... At least one mother has reported a problem dealing with as of June 10, 2002. You should get a confirmed price via email or fax before ordering and use a credit card to protect yourself. This mother reported having to pay US$300 for 600 tabs. This is how we found out about Planet Pharm.